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Best Cribs For Twins [2020 Buying Guide]

When you are expecting a baby, there are several purchases you have to do to be as prepared as possible. One of the biggest things you will have to invest in will be a sleeping crib, however, for parents that expect twins, this is a pretty difficult issue, because this means two babies and does two babies translate to two cribs? Or one bigger crib? Something else entirely?

While it is a little difficult to choose for a crib for twins it shouldn’t be a nightmare, and if you follow some tips and guidelines about the issue you can easily find the best cribs for twins. Today I am going to reveal the top picks in the market, what are your options, what you should consider before buying and some general tips and tricks you can utilize to get the best choice in the market. Without further ado, let’s get on with it.

The Top 7 Best Cribs For Twins

7. ​Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center 

To start this list I have one of the best multi-functional and space-saving cribs, that comes with the double bassinet style, the Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center. This bassinet/crib comes with great functionalities that will make the parents of twins very happy since this is one of the most convenient products in the market. It has a removable rock-a-bye feature that gives the children a nice rocking motion for them to sleep better.

The biggest feature of the Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center is its double rock-a-bye bassinets, each coming in with its handle that you can take them out of the main body so you get two rock-a-byes plus a playard. On top of that the whole crib is extremely portable thanks to its wheels that have locking mechanisms.

The changing station inclusion is also very pleasing for parents, coming in with the tray that is for diapers and wipes making the whole process easier and more pleasing. Increasing the lifespan of the crib is the playard feature, since this is not a long term solution for twins, as they will grow up their bassinets in no time. The mattress is padded as well to deliver the best experience and comfort for childrena and it has mesh sidewalls that are extremely breathable so your child is safe at all times.

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6. Dream On Me Jayden 

Dream On Me has one of the most impressive cribs in the market, and it is also one of the most popular manufacturers in the market, and as you will see we have tons of entries from the company in this list. The Jayden is a 4-in-1 mini convertible crib coming in with tons of functions and features that make this crib a versatile and convenient model.

While this crib is not specific for twins, its 50lbs weight capacity will be perfect for twins for up to six months, allowing them to sleep together comfortably. This mini crib is perfect for smaller spaces as well, since the Dream On Me Jayden measures 56.8x29x41-inches in total when assembled, meaning that it will fit right into many smaller spaces. On top of that, this model also comes with a convenient changing table and three drawers that you can put to good use.

The changing table that I mentioned is one of my favorite features of this product since it comes with a changing pad and restraining strap that has a release buckle to keep your children safe from falling. This crib also can convert to daybed or twin size bed, and the conversion kit costs extra and you should order it from the company website.

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5. Graco Pack ‘n Play

Moving on, I have crib specifically designed for twins the Graco Pack ‘n Play. This comes also with the bassinet style twin crib, and it is also extremely versatile and can accommodate two babies up to 6 months of age. However, when you reach that phase, you can convert the unit to a playard that will deal with amazing value for the price, and it will be perfect for toddlers up to 35-inches in height.

I found it perfect that the bassinets were removable from the body and you could take them away with the babies still sleeping, so you won’t disturb the sleep cycles when you need to go away. The manufacturer delivers this crib as a convenience item, and everything is built to make things easier for parents. For example, it has an innovative squeeze latch system, that allows you to fold the playard when not in use, and the convenient carrying bag makes it perfect for storage and travels.

The bottom of the playard is made out of quilted mattress, making it a comfortable napping space for children as well, and you can take this with your travels and utilize it for easy nap times.

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4. ​DaVinci Emily

Coming up we have another traditional crib solution coming from one of the most well-known brands when it comes to cribs DaVinci, with Emily. The company has always offered some great value-based solutions and this one is one of their best, and it comes as a versatile option that will accommodate newborn twins. However, don’t expect this one to grow with the children, because this crib will be useful for up to a year at most.

However, when it is time for the children to graduate from this crib, this one can become a twin bed if you purchase the rails form the company and everything about this crib is made from safe materials such as pine and even the finish is non-toxic. The whole thing measures about 39.5x28x37.9-inches which are pretty small and it is pretty light at just 34 pounds in total.

On top of all this, the DaVinci Emily is pretty affordable for many parents and it is one of the most attractive cribs for a wide range of reasons. The assembly is also pretty easy and this mini crib will satisfy all your needs.

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3.  Dream On Me Violet 

Taking the number three spot on this list is the Dream On Me Violet. This model comes as a 7-in-1 convertible one that offers plenty of space for twins sleeping together and it can be converted into a daybed, toddler bed, and even a full-sized bed if you buy the accessories provided by the manufacturer.

This amazing unit measures about 58x29x390inches and has a weight capacity of about 50-pounds which will be perfect for the first few months of your twin’s lives. The Dream On Me Violet is made out of solid wood and it is free from any harmful chemicals such as BPA, phthalates, latex, and lead. I should also mention that this crib comes in six different design finishes you can choose from so you can adapt it to the design and style of the nursery.

One thing that impressed me the most about the Dream On Me Violet is that the mattress support system had 4 different positions you can choose from. So you can choose the best height and the ergonomics to suit your needs.
With a pine wood build quality and nice standard size that will fit into most room designs and sizes, the Dream On Me Violet is one of the best options in the market.

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2.  Dream On Me Aden

The runner up in this list is the Dream On Me Aden, which is a worthy one coming in with tons of qualities that make it extremely attractive for the majority of twin parents. It is a true 4-in-1 crib coming in a super small size, meaning that you get the best of both worlds, tons of functionality without sacrificing a lot of sizes.

I should mention at first that the Dream On Me Aden has a pretty pleasing design and comes in a natural-toned finish, meaning that it is perfect for both genders. The biggest feature of the Dream On Me Aden is that it is one of the lightest cribs in the market measuring just 20 pounds in total, and it is super-portable as well as measures just 39x23x36-inches in total. In my opinion, this is the best option for those with limited spaces such as apartments but still, need a large enough crib for twins.

This crib can comfortably convert into a toddler bed and then into a regular bed if you buy its accessories provided by the manufacturer. The Dream On Me Aden also has three height settings you can choose from so you get the best ergonomics. If you want to invest in a quality piece of the crib the Dream On Me Aden is one of your top picks.

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1.  DaVinci Kalani

On top of the list, we have the definite best convertible crib in the market which will deliver the most value for the price with its amazing functionality and quality build the DaVinci Kalani. This crib is one of the most stable and sturdy cribs you can buy and on top of that it is also one of the most aesthetically pleasing compared to the other top picks.

This one is also made out of solid wood and it comes in different finishes you can choose from so you can choose the appropriate color to suit the overall design of the nursery. On top of that everything about the construction is made out of non-toxic materials form the materials to the finish, and since we know that children love to munch on things this is one of the best news.

It comes with four different height settings so you can choose the best option depending on your height, activity levels of the twins and their height as well. I have seen some cases when just an ultra-low mattress height gets the job done. After the DaVinci Kalani finishes its duty as crib it will continue its job as a toddler bed and at the end as a regular bed, just the very best for your twins.

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Things to Know Before Buying A Crib For Twins

One or Two Cribs

This is the most frequently asked question by parents that expect twins. First, off I should say that whatever crib you buy, it will be the most expensive item you purchase for the nursery room. I would like to say that at first, one crib will be enough for two babies, at least for the first few months of their lives. However, there are tons of parents that opt for twin bassinets instead of cribs and if you want to opt for that option you should know that your twins will outgrow the bassinet faster than you think they will, and you will then have to buy a crib again. However, many twin parents also opt for a single crip for both of their babies, and in my opinion, this is also a temporary solution. On top of that most pediatricians suggest that you should opt for two cribs instead of a shared one since babies might involuntarily harm each other in the same crib and the sleep efficiency is not as good as a separate crib.

When we take a look at the aforementioned reasons you will see that it is better to opt for two cribs instead of one, however, that is not always possible, since you might not really have space for two cribs, and sometimes one crib is the most attractive idea. Fortunately, there are several options in the market when it comes to cribs specifically designed to allocate two babies.

Types of Cribs for Twins

As I told you there are several options when it comes to cribs for twins, let’s take a look at them.

  • Twin Cradles – These are the easiest solution for newborns since it is a twin cradle as its name implies. To clear up confusion, a twin cradle, is similar to a normal cradle, but it has a dividing ‘wall’ in the middle but overall it is a pretty good option for smaller babies up to six months old.
  • Twin Privacy Cribs – These cribs are a little more different and a little more of an independent sleeping solution when it comes to two babies. The sleeping area is divided by a panel, and on top of that this crib can be divided, meaning that you can use it as a single one or as two separate cribs, which is pretty convenient, but it still a viable solution only for smaller babies.
  • Two Level Cribs – This model is two cribs in a single body, in a bunk bed manner, meaning that it is one of the best solutions for small nurseries, it will save plenty of space and on top of that, they are pretty affordable.
  • Convertible Cribs – In my opinion, these are the perfect solution when it comes to twins because these are cribs that will grow with your children and you can transform them into beds with time. On top of that, a lot of models transform into the furniture so you get more value for your money even when the crib has finished its job.

Qualities to Consider

While you may have chosen the type of crip that you want to buy, you are still not nearly there and there are a lot of things that you should take into consideration before making a purchase. The essential thing that every good crib for twins should have is that it should provide enough space for both of the children to sleep properly, comfortable enough and come with plenty of quality.

Size – You should take into consideration the size of the crib before buying. Firstly you should check out the dimensions and your room, and determine what size for the crib is adequate for your needs. The crib you buy should fit your nursery properly without compromising the comfort of your babies at all. Remember that twins should be able to sleep in the crib without disturbing each other, and most of the time cribs need to be converted into playpens or day beds throughout the day to make the room more spacious and be utilized for different purposes. While this may not be a really big issue for one crib, if you are planning to buy two cribs instead of one, you have to be careful with the placement and dimensions.

Stability – This may seem very basic, and it is, it is one of the most important factors you have to take in, before buying a crib, especially for twins. There are some cheap options on the market that don’t have good assembly and are pretty shaky and wobbly even from small movements, and this may affect the sleep pattern of your children. Choose cribs with proper construction and sturdy bodies, and this should prevent any distraction, and if the baby crip you plan to buy has wheel check whether or not it has a wheel lock mechanism to keep it from wobbling at night.

Safety – This is also an important factor to consider, despite many parents overlooking this issue, it is still pretty much essential. For example, if there is a kind of mesh around the crib, it should be breathable so it doesn’t bring any risk of suffocation, folding and wheel mechanism should also be secured tightly and should be a little more cautious and make sure that everything is tightly secured at all times. Double and triple check every moving part and see whether or not they have any safety mechanism that will help prevent any accidents.

Matress – This is also extremely important and will most likely depend on the type of crib you will opt to buy, but most of them come with pre-installed mattresses. Mattresses for baby cribs should be made out of non-toxic materials, with hypo-allergic properties that won’t harm your children in any way. On top of all that a crib mattress should be soft and comfortable for the twins to sleep on. Also optimally they should be waterproof, or at least spill-proof covered to keep them clean most of the time and shave time from the process because accidents will happen.

Price and Value – As I said, in the beginning, the crib will be the biggest purchase in the nursery room, and while there are some cheap and affordable options, I would mostly steer away from them, since your child will spend a considerable amount of time in the crib. I would recommend you to choose the best one in your budget, and see whether it provides enough features and qualities to justify for its price since there are some expensive models that use just fancy materials and not much.


To conclude, I hope that you have made the right choice when it comes to a crib for your twins, within your budget, needs, and preferences. After reading this guide it won’t be really hard to get the best option in the market, however, some parents also shop for second-hand models. While it is a viable choice, it is not worth it, since you don’t know where the crib has been stored and if it is clean enough.

Twins are like the lottery of children and if you are lucky enough to be expecting one, I know that you are giving all your thought to their well being, so take care and until the next time.

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