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The Best Pacifier Cases You Can Buy This Year

We all know the pacifier’s role is to calm babies down when they are being fussy. Some babies like to have their pacifiers in their mouths all the time.

Since it is an object that should be stored in a sterile case, it is very important to be careful what comes into contact with the pacifier and where we keep it stored away from any harmful bacteria.

A pacifier case is a must-have item. But how can we know which is the Best Pacifier Case on the market? I am going to introduce you to some of the cases I have used, which have proven to be excellent.

A Quick Look at My Favorite Pacifier Cases

Best Design
Ubbi On The Go Dual Pacifier Holder

Ubbi On The Go Dual Pacifier Holder

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Best Practicality
LANEYLI Pacifier Case Pacifier Holder

LANEYLI Pacifier Case Pacifier Holder

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Most Durable
Skip Hop Silicone Pacifier Holder

Skip Hop Silicone Pacifier Holder

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3-In-1 Choice
Nuby Pacifier Hygienic Paci-Pouch Combo for Travel, Set of 3

Nuby Pacifier Hygienic Paci-Pouch Combo for Travel, Set of 3

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Best Overall
Itzy Ritzy Pacifier Case with Clip

Itzy Ritzy Pacifier Case with Clip

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Main Points

  • One of the best pacifier cases is Ubbi on the go, Dual pacifier case.
  • Pacifier cases made from silicon can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • Pacifier cases need a strap so you can strap them on to a convenient place easy to reach.
  • Pacifier cases save the shape of the pacifier and prolong their durability.
  • Do not use the pacifier case for storing other items along with the pacifier.

Top 5 Best Pacifier Cases

5. Ubbi on the Go – Dual pacifier case – Best Design

My son has a habit of throwing his pacifier on the ground each time he tries to mumble something or when he is bored with the pacifier.

And because of that reason I had to search for ways to always keep more pacifiers near me. Since he would want his pacifier right back after he had thrown it.

And it was not even an option to give him back the one that fell on the ground.

Especially when we would go outdoors, in the park, or in a public place.

So, I needed a solution fast. I was recommended to search for a double pacifier case, and I was baffled to hear they existed.

I found the Ubbi dual pacifier case. Let me tell you, that it was a real-life saver. No more pacifier drama, no more meltdowns while we were out and about.

I could run my errands with my son peacefully sitting in his stroller and having a clean pacifier each time he would throw one on the floor.

It has two separate compartments, so the dirty pacifier doesn’t touch the sterile one. But I used to take three pacifiers with us, so the one in his mouth and two clean ones inside the Ubbi.

It is convenient even if you don’t have a purse with you. It has a strap-on so you can easily strap it on the stroller, and you are ready to go.

And the great part is, it is so compact, it does not take up too much space. You can take other things with you too since the Ubbi case will not fill half of the purse or your stroller’s storage compartment.

It basically fits everywhere without a problem. I washed it every day in the dishwasher since it will not get damaged from the hot water. You can get it cleaned in the dishwasher without a doubt in your mind.

The color of the case is neutral, so it doesn’t matter if you have a baby girl or a baby boy. It is not gender-specific.

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4. Laneyli pacifier case – Best Practicality

A pacifier case is made from food-grade pp plastic, so you don’t have to be scared of the effects it might have on your baby’s health.

The first pacifier case I owned was the Laneylin case, it was gifted to us by my sister. And I am so thankful to her for being a lifesaver.

When I came out of the hospital after I had my son, I had forgotten all about the pacifier case. And it was a real struggle each time the pacifier would fall out of his mouth. I would have to get up and go find a new one while the dirty one got cleaned and sterilized.

And as all of us moms know, there is already enough work on our plates when we have a newborn baby to take care of. The pacifier is the last thing we want to worry about.

And that’s why my sister’s gift, the Laneylin case was a lifesaver. It is so convenient and practical. You can take it with you everywhere.

You are going to have a clean, ready-to-use pacifier near you at all times.

It fits all brands of pacifiers in it, so you don’t have to worry about buying new pacifiers to match the case.

It is very easy to clean, you can wash it by hand with hot water and some dish soap. Or you can even put it in the dishwasher machine since it is made from an exceptionally durable material, and it will not sustain any damage.

It comes in three colors, baby blue, transparent, and pink, so you can choose whatever color you wish.

Keep in mind that babies tend to put everything into their mouths. And the pacifier case is not a safe toy they can play with, so be careful and keep it out of the reach of your baby.

3. Skip Hop pacifier case – Most Durable

This pacifier case is a little bit more fancy look-wise. It is very pretty as well as practical and durable.

As I mentioned above, when going out with a baby especially a baby like my son, who tends to throw their pacifier, you need a backup pacifier available.

The more the merrier when it comes to pacifiers and messy babies.

And the Skip Hop pacifier case gave me the option to always have the backup pacifiers with me. Especially the times we went out in the park or playground.

The Skip Hop pacifier case has two compartments divided by an antimicrobial lining. It keeps both pacifiers divided and sterile.

It even has a front pouch in which I used to put my credit card, so I would not have to carry my whole wallet with me when going out.

You should hand wash it in cold water since the fabric can’t withstand hot water.

It is a really pretty accessory to the stroller of your diaper bag. It has a strap so you can attach it to your baby’s stroller to reach it fast and easily in times of need.

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2. Nuby pacifier case – 3-in-1 Choice

The Nuby pacifier is a small, bag-like case with fun colors and designs which will look like a decoration on your stroller.

My sister-in-law owns three of these cases and she loves them. She got one to try out, and she ordered two more once she saw how practical and pretty, they were.

Now she does not leave the house without the Nuby pacifier case. It is made from food-grade plastic fibers, which make the case water resistant.

So, you do not have to worry about something being spilled on it, or about dropping it on the ground.

The pacifiers are going to remain perfectly safe and clean inside.

I can hold two pacifiers, but my sister-in-law prefers keeping only one pacifier attached with a paci finder in there.

It works great both ways. It is so easy to wash that you just hand wash it with mild dish soap and cold water.

Don’t ever use bleach on stuff your baby puts in their mouth. You run the risk of the bleach not being washed thoroughly and doing some considerable damage to your baby’s skin and mouth.

Be very vigilant about what you use around and on your baby’s stuff.

You can get this pacifier case in bright, eye-catching colors, or you can get it in chic neutral colors. Either one would be a great compliment to your and your baby’s style.

1. Itzy Ritzy pacifier case  – Best Overall

A bit more chic and fancy case for sure. This one is for the mamas that love to remain all dressed up nicely and fashionable just as they were before giving birth.

A very modern and ladylike stylish pacifier case. It fits with a leather purse or bag perfectly, no one will notice you are carrying a pacifier in it, it looks as if it is a fancy wallet or key case.

It is made from high-quality vegan leather. This fact was the most attractive and respectful worthy information about this pacifier case in my opinion.

It is a particularly important detail for me since I adore animals. I hate the thought of people violating and hurting animals in the name of fashion. So, the fact that this case is made cruelty free is an excessively big positive point.

The Itzy Ritzy pacifier case fits two pacifiers in it, but they will not be divided from each other into separate compartments. There are no divisions inside the Itzy Ritzy case.

But despite that, the pacifiers will still remain clean and sterile. It is a compact size case. You can use it strapped on the outside of your diaper bag, purse, or your baby’s stroller.

Or you can put it inside the bag since it will take up a lot of space. You can even put it on your keychains as I do right now.

I used and abused it when my son was a baby. Now that my son has grown out of his pacifier, I wear it on my keychain, and inside of it, I put my spare change, a small set of keys, and other things like that.

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Buying guide

It might seem like an easy decision when it comes to buying pacifier cases.

But once you buy the wrong one that does not do what is supposed to do you realize there are some things to take into consideration.

The first and foremost thing to take into consideration should be the material from which the pacifier case is made of.

Some materials may contain ingredients that might cause allergic reactions in the baby. Or even worse, they might contain ingredients that cause cancerous cells to develop.

So, you should do your research on the materials used to make the case.

The second thing to keep in mind is if the material can be washed with cold or hot water. Some materials can not be washed with hot water since the plastic fibers can be dissolved or damaged.

Antimicrobial silicon cases are more convenient when it comes to cleaning, they are easier to clean because you can wash them with cold water, or hot water, or even put them in the dishwasher with the utensils.

They are supposed to be washed only with cold water and mild dish soap.

That does not mean that they are not sterile enough, it just makes a difference in the way you prefer to wash your utensils.

Another important point to consider is the size and shape of the pacifier case. Does it fit all kinds of pacifiers or only a specific brand and size pacifier?

The size of the interior part of the case is also important because if it is too small it can alternate the shape of the pacifier over time.

Also, some cases fit just one pacifier, and then there are others with divided compartments meant to hold two or more pacifiers.

These were essentially the most important points to focus on when buying pacifier cases. The other choices are solely up to your taste and style.

Things like the color of the pacifiers, the designs, whether it has a strap on, does it close with a zipper or not, etc.

Frequently asked questions

How many pacifiers should I own?

As a start, you will need to buy three to four pacifiers. The one that the baby is using, the one that will be washed, and two more to have spare just in case the other one gets lost.

Keep them always at the same place, so that you know where to look for them in time of need.

How many times should you throw away pacifiers?

Babies tend to have their pacifiers in their mouths all the time. So after 4 to 6 weeks, the pacifier starts to change shape and cease to be useful and hygienic. So you should change them every 4 weeks to not put the health and well-being of your baby at risk.

Can I clean pacifier cases in the dishwasher?

It all depends on what material it is made of. Some cases can be washed in the dishwasher with no problem. Other cases might get damaged and become useless.

Should a pacifier case have a smell?

No. If it is made from food-grade plastic, or antimicrobial silicone it is safe for the baby and it will not have any smell whatsoever. If it has any kind of smell, I recommend throwing it away. Better safe than sorry.

Can I keep other things in the same case along with the pacifier?

No. the point of the pacifier case is to keep the pacifier away from touching other unsanitary objects. So, you should not put anything else in the same case as the pacifier.

Final words

My experience with pacifier cases has been amazing. They are a very useful and practical solution for storing sterile pacifiers when they are not being used.

The role of the pacifier case is so that the pacifier doesn’t get lost or contaminated with germs. And the best pacifier case in my opinion is the one that can be washed and sterilized properly.

My advice for you would be to always be mindful of the items and materials you keep next to or on your baby.

Our babies are our entire world, so be careful what you expose your world too.

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