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What Is A Come And Go Baby Shower: Things You Should Know

Baby showers are gaining even more popularity nowadays, and for a mom, it is like the last party before the baby arrives.

People gather to celebrate and share the mom’s excitement, so baby showers are some happy moments with your beloved ones. Baby showers now appear in different styles and formats, so deciding on the best baby shower party is challenging.

Come and go baby shower is one of those different formats, and it is a great option. In this article, I will explain what a come-and-go baby shower is, how it works, and many other essential things you need to know about.

Main Points

  • A baby shower is the best way to celebrate the arrival of your baby; there are many different formats for baby showers.
  • A come-and-go baby shower is one of the greatest formats since it is a flexible way to party and have fun with your beloved ones.
  • Parents don’t have to waste much money on a come-and-go baby shower, so it is perfect for those who are on a tight budget.
  • The guests can join the party whenever they want and leave without waiting till the end of the baby shower.
  • A café, restaurant, or community hall are perfect places for holding a come-and-go baby shower, also if the weather is nice, you can consider your garden.

What Is a Come And Go Baby Shower?

A come-and-go baby shower is the best format for me since the guests don’t have to spend their whole afternoon at the party. In this type of baby shower, the guests are free to come whenever they want and to leave the party according to their preferences.

They only show up to congratulate the parents, give the present that they have bought for them or the baby, eat some cake, have a drink, and then leave if they do not want to stay more.

A come-and-go baby shower is a perfect idea since the parents can see more people, and the guest has the flexibility to stay for a short period. This is amazing for those who have other plans or simply do not enjoy baby showers that last at least two or three hours.

Parents-to-be who don’t enjoy those sit-down chats and traditional baby showers, then a come-and-go baby shower is what they need. They can invite more people and enjoy their time with beloved ones at its finest.

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How Does a Come And Go Baby Shower Works?

As you can understand from the format’s name, it is a very flexible party. It is different from the original baby shower parties since the guests do not have to stay at the party for the whole afternoon and spend 3 hours there.

Parents invite the guests, and they are asked to attend the baby shower at specified hours. The guests can join the party between the hours they are invited and just come, eat something or have a drink and then leave the party whenever they want.

When you are invited to a come-and-go baby shower, you don’t have to join the party at an exact time or wait till the baby shower ends. You can stay there according to your preferences. Accordingly, the parents that organize the baby shower don’t need to think of different party games or other activities.

Benefits Of Come And Go Baby Shower

A come-and-go baby shower has many benefits, and this is why many parents prefer this type of baby shower. People waste so much money on extraordinary baby shower parties, which is unnecessary, according to me.

A come-and-go baby shower is perfect for parents who are on a tight budget but still want to invite some guests and have the best time and celebrate the arrival of their baby.

First and foremost, it is cheaper than other baby showers, and people will not expect much food, so you only need to offer the guests some snacks, cakes, or fried meals and drinks.

Another great fact about a come-and-go baby shower is that you don’t need huge pre-shower preparations and organization. Due to it, you will be able to save your time and money as well.

Here is another benefit of a come-and-go baby shower is that you can invite more friends and different groups and be able to chat with all of them since they do not have to spend much time in your baby shower.

Also, the different groups of friends don’t have to interact with other people since the format is cool and you can only stay with your group for a short period and then leave the party.

Furthermore, parents organizing the come-and-go baby shower are less stressed since they don’t have to think about different games and party stuff for their guests.

Additionally, your partner can invite many more friends, and it will not become a baby shower where only women take place.

Drawbacks Of Come And Go Baby Shower

Above, I have mentioned many benefits of a come-and-go baby shower, and luckily there aren’t any significant drawbacks to this type of baby shower.

As a drawback, I can mention that the parents might spend less time with the guests since there most likely will be invited more than the close family and friends.

A come-and-go baby shower is like an open party, you invite more groups and friends, so you don’t have time to talk to all in detail and share much time. Moreover, a come-and-go baby shower is less intimate than the other baby shower formats.

Best Places To Hold a come And Go Baby Shower

Many places can be appropriate for holding a come-and-go baby show; it all depends on your preferences. If the weather is nice, inviting people to your garden will be a great idea, since they will come and go, and don’t have to go inside your house.

A community hall also is an amazing pick for a great come-and-go baby shower; if your house is small and you invite many people, you need to consider the community hall. A café and restaurant are also two nice options for holding a come-and-go baby shower.

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Final Words

A come-and-go baby shower is an excellent idea for all parents who want to have a more flexible and cool party and not waste much money on it. It is one of the best baby formats to celebrate the arrival of your cute baby, and the guests don’t have to spend the whole afternoon there.

They just can join the party and wish the best to the parents, and leave the baby shower whenever they want. So, if you are about to organize a baby shower, a come-and-go baby shower is what you should go for, and enjoy moments with your beloved ones.

I hope you liked this article and found answers to your queries.

Have a nice day and take care!

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