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Neocate vs. Nutramigen: Which is More Preferable?

As a caregiver, you want to always offer what is best to your infant. This carries onto the baby formula they digest throughout their most important development years.

The importance of this decision becomes heavier when your baby suffers from numerous sensitive allergic reactions. Thankfully hypoallergenic baby formulas such as Neocate and Nutramigen exist. This begs the obvious question Neocate vs Nutramigen, which is better?

This a query that I will be sure to answer thoroughly so you can leave this article knowing which option is the best.

Main Points

  • Neocate and Nutramigen are hypoallergenic baby formulas.
  • Neocate is lactose and soy-oil-free while Nutramigen is only lactose-free.
  • The amount of DHA/ARA is higher in the Neocate formula than in Nutramigen.
  • Neocate is great for infants that have sensitive digestive systems.
  • Nutramigen is great for infants who experience periods of nutritional deficiency.
  • After consuming Nutramigen some infants are no longer allergic to milk!
  • Neocate is a more sensitive aware formula.

In short: Which Is The Best Option?

If you don’t have time to wait and find out, I can provide you with a better choice of formula right away.

When comparing these two excellent baby formulas, Neocate outperforms Nutramigen. This occurs because Neocate focuses on the infant’s sensitivity and includes every nutrient that will help your infant in its most difficult days.

So, if you’re worried about a reaction, go with Neocate. It will ensure not only a natural development but also pleasant nourishment.

Neocate vs. Nutramigen – How Do They Differ?

As hypoallergenic baby formulas, Neocate and Nutramigen have the same goals in mind for the daily struggles of your infant. Both are known to be lactose-free formulas they easily gain the adoration of many parents.

Although, these formulas are not only known for their hypoallergenic characteristics. You can find differentiations between them in their list of nutrients which later on affect the benefits they give. Neocate and Nutrimigen also have different approaches when it comes to sensitivity issues as well as the age diversity of their products.

When you are a caregiver to a child, topics such as these have an impact. So, to fully understand the distinctions for a more knowledgeable choice I highly encourage you to read along.

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Important nutrients

To start we need to mention the main component that is necessary for hypoallergenic formulas to possess, the DHA/ARA elements.

Luckily this ingredient is found in both Neocate and Nutramigen formulas. However, is it important to discuss the amount of the element inside the formulas as well!

Neocate is known for an above-average level of DHA/ARA elements and an overall higher amount than Nutramigen.

This may appear to be a minor difference, but as an important nutrient, DHA/ARA is a key factor for some caregivers when it comes to their child’s healthy overall development.

Nutrients such as Linoleic Acid and Choline can be found in both formulas. Though what some might find surprising is that Nutramigen has a richer value of these components. Even when it comes to essential vitamins such as C, D, A, and K the Nutramigen formula surpasses that of Neocate.

These nutrients in both formulas work together to provide significant assistance to the child, especially if they are dairy sensitive.

In the case of Neonate, the formula is also recommended for infants who are allergic to soy oil since it is soy free. The same cannot be said for Nutramigen, which contained soy derivatives

To conclude the ingredients in these formulas are more than the same. The only important differentiation is the amount that they each possess. A detail that is important to a lot of parental figures.

Main Benefits

The above-mentioned nutrients have an impact on the beneficial characteristics of both Neocate and Nutramigen.

Starting with Neocate the main assistance that it provides to infants is digestible sensitivity. This means that the formula will cause no problems to your infant in gastrointestinal activity leading to them gaining all the vital vitamins and minerals for their growth.

Being lactose and soy free Neocate also accommodates babies that have a hard time with gastro esophagus refluxes. By easing the issue out for the infant, it also offers them a more restful day.

To put it all in perspective Neocate is ideal if your infant is fussy throughout the day all while having immense discomfort with their digestive system.

Nutramigen, on the other hand, provides excellent nutritional values that are greatly appreciated if your infant not only has digestive issues but also experiences periods of nutritional deficiency.

Another thing that Nutramigen offers is colic relief. A feature well-known about the brand this relief provides your infant the undisturbed rest they need.

What most individuals are unaware of is that Nutramigen can help your baby get used to eating dairy.

Many parents notice that after using Nutramigen formula for a long period, their child no longer has a severe reaction to milk. Although, if you intend to take this route, you should consult with your pediatrician first.

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Formula Sensitivity

When it comes to the sensitivity that each formula offers it is necessary to consider the infant as well. This is because every formula pairs differently with different babies. However, between Neocate and Nutramigen, one is more sensitive and cautious towards infants.

The more reliable baby formula for sensitivity is Neocate. Now, this doesn’t mean that Nutramigen does not do its intended job perfectly. Neocate has a more aware formula for the numerous allergies that babies can react to.

This can be seen with its dairy and soy oil-free formula and with the increased levels of DHA/ARA elements. these features make the Neocate formula more mindful of the infant.

All in all, it is still important to consider the individual case of your infant’s specific allergic reactions and the sensitivity that their system has towards various elements whilst in their formula feeding stage.

Formula Age Diversity

Having a formula that has different lines for different age stages of your child is important since consistency is always an ideal situation for any newborn. As hypoallergenic baby formulas both Neocate and Nutramigen offer lines for infants.

To be more specific Neocate has three main age variations. The first line is undoubtedly targeted toward babies 0 to 12 months while the second one is for infants that are six months or older.

Neocate also provides a junior line which is aimed towards children one-year-old or older. This junior line also has various flavors that we will be discussing later on.

Nutramigen does not hold back either when it comes to the diversity of baby formula age range. It provides the main line of baby formulas for ages 0 to 12 months and also a line for toddlers there are 9 to 36 months old.

The age variety is always a big plus and should be considered one making your choice. It should be seen as a great positive that both Neocate and Nutramigen have lines targeted toward all age groups.

Junior Flavors

Having a child that consumes hypoallergenic dairy-free formula sometimes presents a hard time. Due to this, the junior lines of certain baby formulas offer a variety of flavors that appeal to children of all ages.

Although coming in a liquid form that is appealing to toddlers Nutramigen doesn’t offer any range of flavors. It is easily mixable but out of the package does not contain any ready-to-go tastes.

Neocate does plenty when it comes to the flavors that it offers towards its junior line of formula. It also comes in a liquid form ready for your child.

You can find both the powder and the liquid in flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry tropical fruit, grape, and orange pineapple. Just by listening to these flavors, you can surely get your child excited.

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Final Words

When it comes to the final decision, I once again want to stress that everything depends on the infant. Both Neocate and Nutramigen are wonderful hypoallergenic baby formulas, and you cannot make a mistake with either decision.

I hope to have assisted you in your journey to choosing the best formula for your baby and answering the “Neocate vs Nutramigen” debate.

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