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Snacks to Bring to Hospital for Labor

Moms-to-be require eating food that will give them a lot of energy in order to be able to properly take care of their baby and function in the way they should during labor.

Avoiding foods that may make you feel cranky or heavy are not recommended to be brought to the hospital for labor because they can lower your energy levels and make you feel tired throughout the entire day.

Main Points

  • Pregnant women before going to labor, require eating foods and snacks that will give them a lot of energy.
  • Protein bars are nutritious snacks packed with healthy ingredients that can be brought to the hospital for labor.
  • Low-fat crackers contain the necessary carbs that are needed before going into labor.
  • Nuts are healthy snacks that provide pregnant women with high levels of energy and strength.
  • Fatty and sugary snacks should be avoided before, during, and after labor.

What are some good snacks to bring to the hospital for labor?

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Bringing healthy snacks that are full of vitamins and proteins is the best choice for bringing to the hospital for labor. Snacks such as protein bars, low-fat crackers, and nuts such as cashews, almonds, and pistachios would be ideal and beneficial.

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Benefits of protein bars

Right before you become a mother to your baby, the doctors will usually recommend packing your hospital bag beforehand. In this way, you will be sure that everything you may need for labor is already packed and ready to go.

The easiest snacks to pack for labor and bring to the hospital are protein bars. You can bring as many as you want to in order to ensure that you have enough to last you a few days.

Protein bars are on-the-go snacks. Eating protein bars is very quick and easy and you do not have to worry about them creating a mess on the bed.

Apart from being easy and quick to eat, protein bars are packed with nutrients that will satisfy your pregnancy cravings while at the same time not causing any unnecessary effects or problems before, during, or after you go into labor.

Why should you bring healthy low-fat crackers?

Pregnant women should eat light snacks that satisfy their hunger but do not cause bloating and unnecessary comfortless feelings. This is why low-fact crackers are good snacks to bring to the hospital for labor.

Low-fat crackers do not contain harmful ingredients and are completely safe to eat. Only eating a couple of them will surely come in handy when you need something quick to eat in the hospital while waiting to go into labor.

The nutritious value of low-fat crackers is emphasized because pregnant women require the digestion of carbohydrates which are believed to provide the necessary energy and ability to endure painful contractions.

Because these crackers are labeled as being low-fat, they do not cause any side effects or feelings of tiredness and heaviness. Pregnant women need to eat healthy calories which can be successfully achieved by eating low-fat crackers.

Do nuts make you more energized during labor?

Nuts are one of the healthiest snacks that exist because they are packed with vitamins and healthy fats which can provide the necessary strength that pregnant women need before and during their baby’s birth.

Cashews, almonds, and pistachios are the most delicious and satisfying snacks you can bring to the hospital for labor. They are also very easy to eat and pack so you do not have to worry about over-packing your hospital bag.

The best way of bringing nuts to the hospital for labor is to make a mix out of them so that you can easily reach them whenever you feel like eating something very quickly.

Not only will nuts bring you a lot of energy before labor, they are also very healthy for the mom and for the baby. It is always good to choose snacks for labor that can be easily eaten in the hospital without being hard to digest.

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Tips on bringing snacks to the hospital before labor

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Pack your snacks in advance

You never know when you will need to go into labor! For this reason, packing your snacks in advance is recommended in order to make sure that you have everything you need when the time to go to the hospital for labor finally comes.

Do not over-pack your hospital bag with snacks

Overpacking a hospital bag with snacks is a common mistake. You may think that you will need everything you can possibly find.

However, before you go into labor, it is not recommended to eat large amounts of food because they may make you feel tired. Instead, opting for healthy and easy-to-pack snacks are a better option.

Avoid snacks that contain sugar

When you are buying snacks to bring to the hospital for labor, make sure they do not contain any sugar. Snacks with sugar in it can cause tiredness and loss of energy.

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Final Words

It is highly important for pregnant women to eat healthy food in order to provide nutrients for their babies as well as for making their labor easier and smoother.

There are plenty of different healthy snacks that can be brought in the hospital bag when the time for labor comes. However, it is recommended to check the ingredients and avoid sugar and fat before you buy snacks to bring to the hospital for labor.

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