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What To Wear Home From The Hospital After Birth?

If you are reading this, it means your duo date is approaching and you are worried and want to gather enough information about what to wear after giving birth. This article will help you prepare before delivering your newborn and guide what to put in your mom’s bag, and make your recovery more pleasant.

Main Points

  • During recovery, you can wear loose and starchy clothes
  •  A Postpartum bra is a must-have for easier access to breastfeeding your baby
  • High-waisted underwear for comfortable movement and tummy support
  • A Nursing scarf helps your and your baby’s privacy while nursing
  • I highly recommend these items if you are about to deliver your baby

What Comes First After Birth

The biggest mistake is that we think that after giving birth the body will return to the same shape as it was, but it takes time, and the body goes through drastic changes.

After giving birth, comfort comes first, so you should carefully choose the clothes that will suit you and ensure the comfort that you’re after. After giving birth, it’s best to wear loose clothes and stretchy material that won’t bother you and to breastfeed freely.

What You Can Wear – Examples

Nursing Bras

A nursing bra is a must-have item on your list. You certainly don’t want to wear a bra that’s going to be tight with underwire, big sponges, and uncomfortable, whether you’re breastfeeding or not.

The advantage of these bras is that the straps and the front are easy to detach and they hold the nursing pads in place. Another advantage is that they are cotton and you will not have any skin irritation.

If you have unexpected guests and your little one is crying, you won’t be uncomfortable because these bras are designed to be easy to remove and have enough coverage on the other side.

Nursing Shirt

If you plan to nurse your baby, these t-shirts are also designed for home, but the most important thing is that a nursing shirt in public will not give you the feeling that all eyes are on you.

They are easy to separate, and you can just pull up, and have easy access to the breast. You should get more of this in case your babe spits on you.

This is a win-win for both the baby and the mother. You can find these t-shirts in several colors and different designs.

High-waisted post-partum underwear

The first month can be more difficult until the body recovers after giving birth, so this underwear gives you great flexibility without causing you discomfort.

They are elastic and adjust according to the shape of your body. It holds the pads in place and gives support to the stomach

The material is breathable, so if you’ve had a C-section, these are ideal so you don’t get irritated at the incision site.

Maternity Leggings

I can ensure you that leggings will become your best friend during your recovery at home

If you already have maternity leggings from pregnancy, you can use them after giving birth, if you don’t want to be in pajamas all day, these are perfect for during the day.

They are elastic and you don’t even feel them on yourself. They give good support to the stomach, so if you deliver your baby via C-section, this is a must-have for the first month.

Postpartum Pajamas

After coming home from the hospital, the first thing everyone wants to do is a good shower and comfortable pajamas. Pajamas are one of several essential items in recovery. If you are not a fan of a robe, there are a lot of pajama options.

Who would want pajamas that are not comfortable and that bother you while you rest?

Therefore, when buying, the most important thing is that they are comfortable and elastic, but you should keep in mind for easier access to feed your baby it would be better if the pajamas have buttons or you can buy pajamas that are breastfeeding friendly.

Keep in mind to take at least 3 pairs of pajamas that are comfy for you in case u sweat or the baby spits on you. And the good thing about pajamas is that you can use them even after you recover, so with that being said it is a good deal.


The robe is also a great choice for the first days in the home, especially if you are feeding your baby, these are just for you.

They are super light as if you don’t have anything, super stretchy and most importantly, if you have guests, which I’m sure, you will, the robes will afford you comfort and privacy.

If you are planning to do a Photo-shoot with your newborn there are many models of robes that go together with baby clothes in the same designs.

Nursing Scarf

For me personally, this was one of the most used items besides elementary things like a nursing bra, maternity underwear, etc.

The nursing scarf you can use it for a longer period and at any place. No more feeling embarrassed in a public for breastfeeding your baby and being scared if you are covered enough.  There are plenty of types of nursing scarves, it depends on what you like more.

If you are concerned if your baby can breathe or if it’s warm under the scarf, the answer is yes. These have been tested and are safe for your baby, however, I always recommend you insure and check the baby.

Final Words

Everybody is different and so is everyone’s postpartum recovery. It’s normal to have a belly and look like you are still pregnant after you had your baby.

With this article, I tried to remind you and guide you about several things that you need during your recovery. I tried to make all the listed products above, available for every mother. I hope when you finish reading this article you will feel a bit more prepared for your baby’s  arrival, I hope you have a pleasant recovery.

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